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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for March


This lockdown has gone on and on, not helped by the short days and lack of light, but by the end of this month we will hopefully be able to meet outside in groups of six again which will be a joy! With winter almost officially behind us the days are thankfully so much longer than they were back in January and the mild temperatures are beckoning us back outdoors again as the garden awakens.

The spring bulbs have provided some much needed colour in the garden and the tulips are still to come! The spring sowing madness is nearly upon us so now is a great time to get prepared. There's still time to wash pots and seed trays, clean the greenhouse and make sure you have enough compost!

There is still a risk of frost so keep tender plants under cover and keep an eye on the forecast! So enjoy the milder days out in the garden and here are some ideas of what you could be doing this month:

What to do in the garden this month:


Sow hardy annuals under cover

Sow courgettes, leeks, peas, beetroot under cover

Sow broad beans direct

Order dahlias and pot up and keep under cover

Pinch out autumn sown sweet pea tips

Sow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines in a propagator

Start chitting early potatoes and plant out at the end of the month

Mulch asparagus and artichokes

Divide perennials

Plant trees and fruit bushes

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Plant asparagus crowns

Prepare beds and borders

Lift and divide snowdrops


Iris, hyacinths, early tulips, daffodils

Leeks, kale, cabbage, chard, spinach

Secature/lopper jobs:

Deadhead daffodils

Prune cornus (dogwoods at the end of the month) and pot up the cuttings

Prune winter flowering jasmine after flowering

Prune fuchsia, buddlias and decidous grasses

Cut back old perennial growth

Prune shrub roses

Deadhead hydrangeas

Lawns and ponds:

Mow when the grass starts growing but

not too short!

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