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Ed Bowring, Edward Bowring Garden Writer horticultural therapy


Coming from a long lineage of gardeners, it was no suprise that as a child Ed was more often than not and very happily, elbow deep in the soil.

This love for the garden turned serious as he got older and led to many years as a professional gardener.

With a longing to share his love of horticulture and the therapeutic benefits of gardening, Ed embarked on further training with the RHS, Thrive, Coventry University and Pershore College to become a horticultural therapist.

For the past decade Ed has managed and run horticultural therapy and community kitchen gardens helping others access the many physical and mental health benefits of growing vegetables, fruit and plants.

With a passion for plants and the healing properties of gardening Ed now writes for magazines, websites and blogs hoping to encourage others to do the same.

It is perhaps unsurprising, that when Ed is not at 'work', he can be found pottering in his own garden and veg patch in West Sussex with his wife, two young children and a rather badly behaved, but much loved retriever.

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