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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for September

Please forgive the radio silence we've moved house and everything else has had to take rather a back seat.

It's been a lovely summer and we're hoping September will be equally lovely!

There's lots to do in the garden so here are some ideas:


Divide perennials whilst the soil is still warm

to make space and free plants.

Sow hardy annuals now for next spring.

Start planning and planting your spring

flowering bulbs, but wait until November to

plant out the tulips.

Take currant cuttings.

Sow chard, spinach, broad beans.


Sweet peas, beans, lettuce, carrots, beetroot,

sweetcorn, courgettes, apples, pears, plums,


Secateurs jobs:

Keep deadheading or leave a few to collect

seed from.

Remove leaves from squash plants so the fruits can get as much sun as possible and ripen.

Cut back fruited canes of summer raspberries.


Harvest what you can and pickle, freeze,

stew and chutney the rest!


Keep mowing as required.

Aerate and scarify.

Edge the lawn with a half-moon for a really

neat finish.

Get out and enjoy the last of summer.

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