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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for June

Everything is growing almost by the minute!

It's been warm down here in Sussex and the

gardens are really coming into their own. It's

dry though which has meant watering

schedules are well under way especially for pots. But June is special month full of new foliage and colour...enjoy!


French beans, carrots, radish, salad,

sweetcorn, squash, courgettes, brassicas and leeks.

Keep sowing annuals such as cosmos.

Thin annuals.

Sow biennials for next year.

Tie in sweet peas.

Harden off and plant out half hardy annuals.


Rhubarb, broad beans, globe artichokes, kale, spring cabbage, salad, peas.

Peonies, roses, sweet peas.

Secateurs jobs:

Chelsea chop later flowering perennials.

Prune spring flowerings shrubs once over.

Start deadheading.

Cut back delphiniums to the ground for a second flush.

Take cuttings from hydrangeas and fuchsias.


Tie in clematis and sweet peas.

Stake perennials.

Support tomatoes, peas and beans.


Lift and store spring bulbs.


Keep mowing often.

Edge the lawn with a half-moon for a really

neat finish.

Get out and enjoy the garden and don't forget to water!

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