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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for March

Spring is finally here in West Sussex. The bulbs are out in force and the birds are chirping away. March is an all go month in the garden so here are some ideas on how to make a head start!


Sow sweet peas, leeks, onions, broad beans,

hardy peas, spinach and carrots under cover.

Sow tomato, pepper and cucumber in a

heated propagator.

Plant bareroot roses, trees and shrubs.

Sow hardy annuals under cover.

Mulch heavy clay soils with organic matter to

improve structure and drainage.

Plant early potatoes.

Lift and divide any perennial clumps.


Leeks, parsnips, kale.

Snowdrops, aconites, hellebores, crocus,


Start forcing rhubarb.

Secateurs jobs:

Cut back cornus and salix for winter colour.

Prune roses.

Take hardwood cuttings.

Prune fuchsia and winter jasmine.

Prune wisteria to 2/3 buds last chance.

Cut back spring and early summer

flowering clematis.

Cut back perennials and deadhead daffodils.

Remove old hellebore leaves.


Watch out for frosts still

Clear out and disinfect the greenhouse.

Wash out pots and module trays.

Sort out old seeds.


Start mowing again on a gentle setting.

Edge the lawn with a half-moon for a really

neat finish.

Get out and enjoy the spring flowers!

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