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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for April

Well the weather over the past few weeks here in West Sussex has been pretty rubbish so it's going to be an even busier April than usual!

But the clock have sprung forward giving us precious evening light, the daffodils are finally out, soil is warming up and it's time to get sowing!


Sow tomato seed somewhere over 21C

and broad beans, beetroot, carrots direct.

Start sowing annuals, perennials and lettuce, leeks, basil, kale under cover.

Sow runner/green beans at the end of the month under cover.

Start chitting potatoes.

Cover to force rhubarb.

Lift and divide perennials.

Plant summer flowering bulbs.

Plant out early potatoes at the end of March.

Pot up dahlias.


Asparagus, rhubarb, spring cabbages.

Secateurs jobs:

Last chance pruning shrub roses.

Prune fuchsias back to 2 buds and forsythia

after flowering.

Prune lavender but not back into old wood,

keep some green leaves showing!


Start to tie in clematis, climbing and rambling

roses and honeysuckle.

Stake perennials before they grow too much.


Artichokes and asparagus with well rotted


Weed borders and raised beds and add lots

of organic matter to improve the soil ready

for sowing!

Ideally add 2 inches worth to help suppress

the weeds.

Top dress pots.


It's time for the 2nd cut here in West Sussex but don't cut it too short, use a high setting this month and scarify.

Get sowing and planting with the crazy hope of the abundant veg and flowers that will come.

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