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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for February

Thank heavens January is over and the first signs of spring are rearing their heads! The hellebores and snowdrops are out, crocus appearing and even daffodils blooming in sheltered spots. The days are slowly lengthening providing precious minutes more of growing light each day.


Sow tomato seed somewhere over 21C

and broad beans direct.

Start chitting potatoes.

Cover to force rhubarb.

Firm in tall brassicas.

Plant out bare root roses.

Plant new currants and raspberries.


Leeks, cabbage, kale, chard.

Lift parsnips - the frost has made them


Secateurs jobs:

Start pruning shrub roses

Prune wisteria side shoots back to 2-3 buds

to encourage flowering.

Prune fuchsias back to 2 buds.

Prune currants and gooseberries.

Cut back fruited canes of summer raspberries.

Keep pruning pear and apple trees

(but not plum or cherry).

Cut back perennials or ideally leave them until

spring for winter interest and a home

for the creepy crawlies!


Artichokes and asparagus with well rotted manure ideally.

Weed borders and raised beds and add lots of organic

matter to improve the soil ready for sowing!


We're not quite ready to start mowing here in West Sussex but keep raking up any leaves for making leafmould.

Enjoy the bulbs as they appear and the hope they bring that spring is just around the corner!

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