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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for June

The Garden is growing by the day, the evenings are brighter and it's light I know

around 5am thanks to my eager 3 year old!

Summer is here...but I hesitate for a moment

as I watch the much needed rain trickle

down the window in my shed. So far the slugs haven't been too bad but this will bring them out for sure!

Plant Out:



Bedding plants.

Courgettes, squash, tomatoes, spouts and sweet corn.


Succession sowings of radish, salad, rocket, beetroot.

Last chance to sow green and runner beans.

Thin seedlings as they grow to required spacing.


Strawberries (oh it was so good!)

Broad beans




Secateurs jobs:

Remove dead bulb foliage.

Deadhead sweet peas, cosmos, roses, camellias and rhododendrons.

Cut back flowered poppies.

Prune plum and cherry trees.

Pinch out cordon tomato side shoots.

Prune privet and box...but please

check for birds nesting within first and delay if



Floppy perennials.

Tie in roses, clematis, honeysuckle,tomatoes.

Earth up potatoes.

Net brassicas.


Especially those wretched annuals that will pop up after this rain!

Grab a glass of something cold, shoes off, sit on the grass and stop...

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