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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening jobs for May

Spring is here!

Suddenly there is heaps to do in the garden so get ahead now whilst you can!


Asparagus, rhubarb, first of the broad beans.


Last chance for main chitted potatoes and earth up.

Summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and


Brassicas and leeks to final positions.

Plant out hardened off perennials and annuals


Tomatoes, sweetcorn, squash, beans,

salads undercover.

Hardy annuals and perennials.

Radish, cabbage, parsnip, beetroot,

spinach and chard direct.

The frosts aren't quite over yet so remember to protect seedlings and new growth!


Start mowing if you haven't already,

but not too short yet!

Trim lawn edges for a nice straight edge.

Reseed any bare lawn patches or lay turf.




Viburnum (evergreen varieties).


Dead foliage on perennials.

But DON'T cut back the foliage of your spring flowering bulbs, let them dies back naturally first!

Cut back the first flush of choisya flowers for a second autumn showing.

Pinch out the tips of broad beans when the pods first appear.

Hedges of Leyland cypress, Escallonia and privet but not if birds are nesting within!


Perennials, shrubs, borders and soft fruit.

Surround strawberries with straw to protect the coming fruit and net fro the birds.


Tie in new growth of climbers, clematis, honeysuckle, sweet peas, roses.

Stake/support perennials while you can.

Build bamboo supports for beans.

Weeds - get them under control now!

Enjoy the warmth of spring!

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