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  • Edward Bowring

Gardening Jobs for October

It's officially autumn, the beans are out, the perennials fading and days shortening faster than we'd like, but there is still lots to do so no hanging up the gardening gloves yet!


Dahlias, begonias and gladiolus to protect

from the winter frosts.


Sow sweet peas, green manure and hardy annuals.

Start sowing bulbs for spring, but not the tulips until November.

Plant out onion and garlic sets, wall flowers, winter displays and other perennials/biennials.

Divide and replant rhubarb.

Earth up leeks.

Firm in tall brassicas.


Autumn raspberries.

Apples and pears.


Kale, Chard and spinach.

Squash/pumpkin - rest them on a piece of

wood etc to get them off wet soil and rotting.


Secateurs jobs:

Prune climbing and winter roses to protect

against wind damage.

Divide perennials whilst the soil is still warm.

Cut back fruited canes of summer raspberries.


Raise the cutter setting and rake up any leaves for making leafmould.

Aerate, scarify and re seed bare patches.

Start bringing in tender plants for

the winter, turn the compost and

clean out and disinfect the

green house/poly tunnel!

Relax and start collecting seed for next year!

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